The Premiere Lead Marketplace

How It Works

We connect you with a direct consumer who’s interested right now in your product or service. ​Wesmm.com makes it easier than ever to tap into the power of performance based inbound lead generation to grow your business. No empty promises. You pay only for qualified leads.

You define your target lead criteria and service areas

You decide how many calls you want, and your service regions. It's that simple.

We Generate & Deliver Local Customer Leads

We generate and monitor the leads to ensure your sales staff connect with the highest-intent callers that fit your criteria.

You Take the Call & Close the Deal

We deliver a lead in real-time with a highly-engaged prospect on the line looking to speak with you about your product or service.

Scalable Social Marketing Simplified

Wesmm.com is lead generation platform where our clients can receive leads directly from qualified, high-intent local customers.